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In August 2012, Acme Firearms decided to manufacture firearm parts.  We sent up a workshop in Langwarrin, Victoria and created our own brand Ideal Small Arms.

We developed into a specialist firearm parts production engineering business, able to efficiently deliver production runs of 100 units or more.  We have CNC machining capability to manufacture complicated designed firearm parts.

We constantly review and upgrade our designs and tooling to take advantage of the latest manufacturing developments.  We experiment with durability of different materials, look at weight reduction of components and their operating conditions.  The list of factors which affect small arms development continues to grow.  Research and development is the key to improvement. 

 We do a lot of testing during production and assembly to ensure all parts function perfectly.

Ideal Small Arms - Yarra Sheila Project

Ideal Small Arms - Yarra Sheila Project
Ideal Small Arms - Yarra Sheila Project

An exciting new firearm project proposed by customers.

Yarra Sheila in calibre 5.56 NATO & 300BLK for hunting and sport shooting.  10 cartridge capacity detachable magazine.  Bolt action firearm.  Manually operated, with left hand side charging handle.

On 19th August 2018 we finished a 3D printed mock-up for Facebook viewer assessment.  We received a lot of positive FB feedback.  The colour is 'Becalming Blue'. 

Prototyping for Police Firearm Categorisation

We're manufacturing prototype firearms for police categorisation. Manufacturing real firearms is very expensive and time consuming.

Pricing & Production

After we receive 500 orders, we'll go into mass production and forecast a retail price of $1990. We have not reached our target number yet and a lesser production run shall cost more to produce.

As of 3rd June 2019, we continue to manufacture many minor parts for prototypes and shall announce in the future when we have a functioning 'real' firearm. 

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