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Magazines & Firearm Parts

In August 2012, Acme Firearms commenced manufacture of firearm magazines and parts.  We sent up a workshop in Langwarrin, Victoria and created our own Australian brand Ideal Small Arms.

We have developed into a specialist firearm parts production engineering business, able to efficiently deliver production runs of 100 units or more.  We have CNC machining capability to manufacture complicated designed firearm parts.

We constantly review and upgrade our designs and tooling to take advantage of the latest manufacturing developments.  We experiment with durability of different materials, look at weight reduction of components and their operating conditions.  The list of factors which affect small arms development continues to grow.  Research and development is the key to improvement. 

 We do a lot of testing during production and assembly to ensure all parts function perfectly.

Ideal Small Arms rimfire rifle magazines - Made in Australia.

Ideal Small Arms rimfire 10 and 15 capacity magazines suitable for these models

  • Brno Models 1, 2 & 5
  • CZ452, CZ453, CZ455, CZ457, CZ512 & CZ515
  • Cogswell & Harrison Certus
  • Norinco JW15 & JW25
  • Lithgow Crossover LA101 * (may require adjustment of magazine)

We cannot export any magazines from Australia.

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Ideal Small Arms rimfire magazine - Minor Components

Our components are designed to fit our rimfire magazines.   They may not be compatible with other brands.

We haven't inflated a delivery fee into the unit price of Ideal Small Arms minor components because customers often purchase multiples.  Delivery is not free.  We shall reject on-line orders of minor component parts if $14.90 delivery fee is not selected at checkout.

We cannot export any magazine minor components from Australia.

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Ideal Small Arms - AR-15 Magazines

We solved an Australia problem of magazine capacity limitation for imported AR-15 magazines. Check out our solution for 30 and 50 cartridge capacity magazines suitable for these models.

  • AR15 rifles
  • Sturm Ruger
  • Remington 7615
  • Mossberg MVP
  • Warwick Firearms

We cannot export any magazines from Australia.

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