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Terms of Use - By entering this website you acknowledge and agree to all the terms and conditions set out. If you do not agree to these terms of use, do not use this website.

Firearm Legislation - Acme Firearms conducts sales in accordance with the Victorian Firearms Act 1996. Purchasers should always check with their relevant state law enforcement authority to verify they may legally possess articles offered on this website prior to making a purchase.  The latest in force version of the Victorian Firearms Act 1996 can be downloaded from Victorian Government website here ... and there are other laws which you'll need a legal professional to advise you.

Firearm Transfer Fees - The legislated fee to transfer ownership of a firearm is $30.40 GST Inclusive and applies when two parties transfer ownership of a firearm. Either party must deliver the firearm in person onto our counter top at our trading address, with a valid Permit to Acquire, registration certificate and plastic firearm licence. On completion of the transfer, the firearm is immediately taken from our premises. Any firearm left on the premises for safekeeping shall incur a Storage fee.

Firearm Transfer Fees for Interstate Transactions - The fee is $75.90 GST Inclusive per firearm. Plus we calculate the additional cost of freight to Australian destination.

Permits & Licenses for Firearm, Firearm Part and Firearm Magazine Purchases - Some items offered for sale do not require a permit or license to purchase within Victoria and yet be controlled elsewhere within Australia. Prior to purchasing, please check with your relevant law enforcement authority to verify you may legally possess any controlled items in your particular State or Territory. Legislation and regulations governing ownership of firearms, firearm parts, firearm magazines and controlled items may change over time. Acme Firearms encourages purchasers to ensure they possess required permits and/or licenses for firearms, firearm parts, firearm magazines and any other controlled items prior to purchasing from Acme Firearms.

Firearm Magazine Purchases - In Victoria, possession, carriage or use of detachable firearm magazines is regulated when in combination with firearms. Purchasers may need to adjust capacity of firearm magazine prior to combining with their firearm. It is the responsibility of interstate purchasers to comply with their State or Territory regulations.

Consignment of Items - Vendors shall submit a Certificate of Registration or receipt of ownership for consigned firearms. The term "consigned goods" shall be defined as a "firearm including any fittings and items as offered for sale" and includes firearm magazines, bolts, adaptors, swivels, slings, sights, mounts, weights, cleaning gear, cases or bags and ammunition; or any additional items. For firearms, the Vendor shall remain a licensed firearms holder during the term of the consignment period. Should the Vendor become unlicensed or the firearm unregistered for any reason whatsoever, the Vendor shall forfeit ownership of the firearm to either Acme Firearms or Victoria Police. Victoria Police may seize or confiscate any items in the course of their duties, subject to the Firearms Act 1996. Acme Firearms may store items during the consignment period and make items available to prospective Purchasers; and may handle items for the purpose of exhibiting. Fees shall be payable to Acme Firearms at the time of sale. Fees shall be immediately deducted from any sale proceeds or deposits and are non-refundable. Fees are payable if Acme Firearms has not sold; or the Vendor withdraws items prior to being sold. Acme Firearms may also withdraw items from sale, at any time, and the Vendor shall retrieve their items within 7 days, or storage fees shall apply. An item shall not be withdrawn from sale if a Purchaser has paid a deposit. If the Purchaser is unable to complete the transaction in a reasonable amount of time as determined by Acme Firearms, the Vendor or Acme Firearms may withdraw items from sale. If the Purchaser withdraws from the sale or is unable to complete the transaction; Acme Firearms shall refund the deposit less fees to the Purchaser. If the Vendor withdraws the consignment from sale, the Vender shall take possession of their items within 24 hours. Storage fees shall be applied to any items possessed by Acme Firearms 24-hours after the withdrawal or completion of consignment. Victoria Police shall be notified of the storage arrangements of any firearms still possessed by Acme Firearms, six days after the 24-hour period expires. Any items held with unpaid storage fees due after 180 days, shall be entirely forfeited to Acme Firearms. Items forfeited shall become the unencumbered property of Acme Firearms.

Custom Ordered Goods - Custom ordered goods are any goods which are deemed to be such by Acme Firearms. Goods not normally held in stock or specially ordered are considered custom ordered goods. A prepaid non-refundable deposit may apply for custom ordered goods, prior to being ordered or manufactured by Acme Firearms. Should the purchaser change or cancel an order, any costs incurred by Acme Firearms shall be payable by the purchaser. Custom ordered goods cannot be returned and sales are final. 

Description of Goods - Acme Firearm lists barcodes or item numbers similar to manufacturers to identify goods. Goods shall be supplied as listed by the manufacturers barcode or item number. Variations in our descriptions defers to the manufacturers description. 

Delivery of Goods - When Acme Firearms pays for any delivery charge, Acme Firearms shall use the most cost effective delivery method of its choice.  A purchaser may instruct in writing to use a specific carrier or method, at the purchaser's full cost.  Our primary carrier and default method is Australia Post.  Whilst standard post and express delivery is offered we cannot guarantee service delivery.  If express delivery is chosen by a customer and the actual cost exceeds amount paid by customer, Acme Firearms reserves the right to use standard post.  This is often the case with packages exceeding 80cms in length.  Customer instructions to leave goods when not in attendance at time of delivery, may not be possible when signature is required for proof of delivery of high value or regulated goods.   Once goods have left the control of Acme Firearms; Acme Firearms shall not be responsible for any damage or loss arising from the use of any carrier.  

Final Payment - Final payment is due as per our Terms of Payment prior to delivery of goods and services, or at such time as goods become available. 

Goods and Services Tax and Government Imposts - Prices are inclusive of GST. Should Government Imposts become applicable they shall be for the purchaser's account at actuals.

Goods Not in Stock - Goods purchased via E-shop and not in stock, may be placed on back-order by Acme Firearms and are subject to price change without notice. Acme Firearms may choose not to back-order and refund payment made by purchaser for goods not in stock.

Goods returned for Credit - Goods shall be accepted for credit only by prior agreement or to the extent that they have been wrongly or over supplied by Acme Firearms. Returned goods shall be delivered to Acme Firearms at purchaser's expense, in original condition and order, unused and in the original packaging, accompanied by a dispatch note stating the original invoice number, date of supply and reason for return. A fee as determined by Acme Firearms shall be charged for handling costs. Goods made to special order or custom ordered on purchaser's request cannot be returned or credited unless not to specifications or otherwise not in accordance with any expressed or implied term of the contract. 

Ideal Small Arms Items - Ideal Small Arms items are Australian designed and manufactured in Victoria, Australia. Ideal Small Arms has appointed Acme Firearms as its sole distributor, world wide.  Ideal Small Arms items are custom ordered goods and may not be held as stocked items by Acme Firearms.   Ideal Small Arms items are specially manufactured, assembled and accessorised for each purchaser as an order is received by Acme Firearms. Delivery times for orders may be published on the product page or can be confirmed via email prior to placing an order.

Ideal Small Arms Magazines - Ideal Small Arms magazines are Australian designed and manufactured in Victoria, Australia. Ideal Small Arms has appointed Acme Firearms as sole distributor of their magazines, world wide. Ideal Small Arms rimfire magazines are held as available stock by Acme Firearms. Delivery times for orders may be published on the product page or can be confirmed via email prior to placing an order.

Imported Goods - Imported goods may be subject to changes by Australian and Foreign Government policies and non-government agencies. Imported goods are subject to alteration. In case of force majeure such as fire, damages of storm, etc. or with strikes and lockouts with our suppliers any delivery times confirmed in writing may be exceeded or we may withdraw our delivery engagements. Claims of compensation from the purchaser because of non-respected delivery times or non-deliveries are excluded without any exception. Imported goods may be subject to fluctuations in the foreign exchange rate. All prepayments and deposits up to the total value of the offer are subject to change until the delivery of the goods. Acme Firearms may cancel importation of goods at any time and refund up to 100% of prepayments to affected purchasers.

International Export from Australia of Controlled Goods - International export of controlled goods offered for sale on this website, which were originally imported into Australia and intended for domestic consumption within Australia, shall not be exported or transhipped from Australia.  Acme Firearm shall cancel any controlled goods received within orders intended for re-export or transhipment from Australia.   Acme Firearms shall contact purchasers to advise about controlled goods omitted from their international orders.

Incomplete Checkout - Any online purchase where payment is not received, is an incomplete checkout. An incomplete checkout is not a sale. No goods or service shall be supplied by Acme Firearms.

Insurance Liability Coverage - Within the State of Victoria, firearms and related goods are not offered on this website for the purpose of self-defence.  Acme Firearms is a reseller of firearms and related goods for their use as sporting equipment.  Acme Firearms is supplied by Australian suppliers.  Australian suppliers are liable for product liability coverage for any goods they supply to Acme Firearms for resale.

Insurance of Shipped Goods - Acme Firearms shall not be responsible for insurance cover on any shipment. Upon request by purchaser, insurance can be arranged for damage or loss at the purchaser's cost. Some carriers provide limited insurance as part of their terms of trade. Any claim shall be subject to the carrier's terms and conditions. All claims for damage or loss shall be directed to the nominated carrier.

Layby - A lay-by agreement permits a purchaser to purchase agreed goods from Acme Firearms and pay in two or more instalments before taking possession. The deposit a purchaser pays is an instalment. Acme Firearms requires full payment within 90 days of invoice date for all lay-by agreements. A purchaser may cancel their lay-by agreement at any time before goods are shipped. A termination fee of 15% shall apply against the total purchase price of lay-by goods. 

Legal Construction - The contract shall be construed and operate in conformity with the laws of the State of Victoria which is deemed to the proper Law of the Contract.

Liability of Acme Firearms - Acme Firearms shall not be under any liability whether in contract, tort or otherwise from any cause whatsoever, whether occasioned by negligence or otherwise, for any injury, damage or loss, including consequential damage or loss whether to persons or property, arising out of this contract or the goods and services supplied pursuant hereto including any defects therein or anything connected therewith or with repair or replacement or any other work related thereto. 

Payment by Cheque - The advent of Electronic Funds Transfer has relegated cheque payment as burdensome, time consuming and generally requiring a special trip to the bank to lodge a single transaction. Payment by cheque can only be made by prior arrangement with management. Payment by cheque should be completed at least 7 days prior to delivery to allow enough time for the funds to clear. Cheque payment offered at point of sale shall be banked and cleared prior to the goods being delivered. No goods shall be delivered until such time as the funds have cleared. A dishonoured cheque fee of $55 shall be payable by the purchaser for any dishonoured cheques. An administration fee for the resubmission of the invoice shall also be payable. Additionally, an interest charge may also become payable as per the terms of payment. No further credit shall be available until payment in cash, EFT or money order is received.

Payment of Deposit - Deposit payment for goods and services are due as required by Acme Firearms.

Pricing - Pricing is in Australian Dollars and includes a 10% Goods & Services Tax (GST) and subject to change. Use of credit cards, cheques, EFTPOS or other forms of payment may attract fees / surcharge at point of sale. In the event that a displayed price is incorrect, subject to any requirements under the Consumer Laws, we may retract the price and / or withdraw the product from sale and refund any payments made at the incorrect price.

Purchases - All purchases of goods are to be conducted on-line.  An order, invoice or quote shall describe the goods or services to be supplied.  Counter pickup is available for goods which have been purchased online.

Quotations - Quotations issued for goods which are held in stock are valid for a maximum of 7 days.  Imported Goods and Custom Ordered Goods are subject to price change prior to completion of sale.

Restocking Fee - A restocking fee of 15% shall apply for all invoiced goods returned and accepted by Acme Firearms for restocking.

Safekeeping - Safekeeping by Acme Firearm means the act of keeping items safe in a locked and protected area. Items delivered to Acme Firearms may require to be kept locked in a safe or protected area until retrieved by the purchaser. Items and firearms including their separate parts, kept for safekeeping by Acme Firearm are subject to storage fees and the terms of storage.

Shortages in Delivery - Claims for shortages in delivery shall only be accepted by Acme Firearms if Acme Firearms is notified in writing within ten (10) days of receipt of the goods.

Storage Fees - Our schedule of Storage Fees is posted on our website and can be viewed by following the link here. Storage fees shall be paid in full, prior to the collection of any items jointly or severally. Any items with or separate of firearms are charged at the same rate as firearms. Items with an unpaid storage fee due, of more than 180 days shall be entirely forfeited to Acme Firearms. Items forfeited to Acme Firearms shall immediately become the unencumbered property of Acme Firearms.

Terms of Storage - All items kept for safekeeping are subject to a storage fee. Storage fees commence immediately upon receipt of the items. Items must be clean and free of contaminants. Firearms should be stored in their original packing box supplied by the manufacturer for optimum storage protection. Items may be wrapped in plastic by Acme Firearms to contain the spread of mould and other contaminants. Any contaminated or unstable items or their packaging may be disposed of by Acme Firearms without notice.

Terms and Conditions of Sales - The purchaser acknowledges that until their total debt to Acme Firearms is discharged they hold the goods sold as bailee of Acme Firearms and that a fiduciary relationship exists between Acme Firearms and the purchaser. In the event the purchaser sells the goods to the purchaser's customers before payment in full for the goods has been made the purchaser in a position fiduciary shall:-

  • Assign to Acme Firearms the benefit of any claim against such customers.
  • Account fully to Acme Firearms for the proceeds of the sale of the goods sold or any part thereof until the purchaser's total debt to Acme Firearms is discharged.

Terms of Payment - Unless otherwise stated in the offer, prices are in cash and strictly net. Any payment due to Acme Firearms shall be made in full not later than fourteen (14) days after date of invoice. Acme Firearms reserves the right to deliver and invoice any item of items comprising the whole or part of any order. If delivery is delayed as a result of circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Acme Firearms, then fourteen (14) days after notification by Acme Firearms that the goods, or part thereof are ready for delivery, payment of 50% of the contract price applicable to the goods or part thereof referred to in the notice of delivery, shall fall due and be paid, the balance becoming payable on delivery or within one (1) month of the date such notification, whichever is the earlier. Should the purchaser delay in respect of any payment due to Acme Firearms then Acme Firearms shall have the right, in addition to all other rights to which Acme Firearms is entitled at law, to charge interest on the overdue amount at a rate of 12% per annum in excess of the interest rate prescribed by the Westpac indicator lending rate for overdrafts above $100,000 calculated from the date of the invoice to the date the actual date of full and final payment. Monthly account keeping charges shall be applied on overdue amounts.  Any payment by the purchaser shall be credited first against any interest so accrued and the balance of payment if any shall be applied in reduction of account keeping fees and then outstanding balance of the contract price. The extension of credit facilities is in any case at the discretion of Acme Firearms and is subject to confirmation of the receipt of an order however in any event Acme Firearms retains the right to withdraw credit facilities at any time prior to delivery without further notification.

Terms of Trade - Our terms of trade are subject to change from time to time.

Warranty - Manufacturer's warranty shall make good by repair or by replacement within a reasonable time after notification by the purchaser, defects which appear in the goods arising from faulty design, material or workmanship provided always that such goods have been properly handled and used and have been operated and maintained in accordance with instructions issued and such defects (whether apparent or not) occur within a period of:-

  • 14 days after the goods have been delivered or
  • 14 days from the date of notification of readiness for dispatch

Whichever period first expires and Acme Firearms is notified in writing within seven (7) days of alleged defect occurring and the purchaser has stated, proof and date of purchase. Where in accordance with the foregoing, the purchaser has notified Acme Firearms of an alleged defect, they shall if Acme Firearms so requires promptly, and at their own expense and risk, return the defective part(s) to Acme Firearms. The removal of a defective part and the installation of any repaired or replacement part may be performed by the purchaser at their own expense. Where any defective part(s) has been replaced such part(s) shall become the property of Acme Firearms. Acme Firearms shall not be liable for goods of a consumable nature such as ammunition, batteries and cleaning components or where any unauthorized repair or alteration to the goods has been performed by the purchaser or others. This express warranty is in lieu of any other rights that would otherwise be conferred on the purchaser under any Law save that this express warranty does not exclude any conditions or warranties implied into this contract by the provisions of the Trade Practices Act or by any other Federal or State Laws to the extent that such condition or warranties may not be excluded by express agreement.

When Purchaser is a Consumer - If the basis of a contract is such that the purchaser is a consumer as defined in the Trade Practices Act or in any other Law of the Commonwealth (or any State or Territory) of Australia, the purchaser's rights shall be governed by the provisions of the said Act or any such Law to the extent that such liability may not be excluded by express agreement. If liability may not be excluded by express agreement and where the goods to be provided by Acme Firearms are not of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal domestic or household use or consumption, then the liability of Acme Firearms for a breach of a condition or warranty implied by the Trade Practices Act (other than a condition or warranty implied by Section 69) shall be limited to the repair of the goods, or, at Acme Firearms option, the replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods.