Ideal Small Arms - Firearms

In August 2012, Acme Firearms commenced manufacture of firearm components.  We sent up a workshop in Langwarrin, Victoria and created our own brand Ideal Small Arms.

Initially we just manufactured firearm components.  Then we moved into plastic injection of magazines.   We love plastic!  High volume manufacturing at low unit cost.

Over the years we have manufactured many firearm components for customers.   Since 2020, we're at a point where we're moving to produce complete firearms here in Australia.

We've never limited ourselves to only manufacturing firearm products, we've also made plastic irrigation and agricultural items too.

Made in Australia.

WFM4 - Carbines

We've combined Warwick Firearms WFM4 upper and lower receivers with our Ideal Small Arms firearm components.  Our Ideal Small Arms components are proven to be interchangeable across Colt, Daniel Defence, Sturm Ruger and now also includes Warwick Firearms WFM4.

WFM4 - Assembled Upper Receivers

We've combined Warwick Firearms WFM4 upper receivers with our Ideal Small Arms firearm components. Made in Australia. 

Ideal Small Arms - Yarra Sheila Project

Ideal Small Arms offers a carbine in calibres 5.56NATO or 300BLK for hunting and sport shooting.  Straight pull, manually operated firearm, with left-hand side charging handle. Detachable 10 cartridge capacity magazine.

On 19th August 2018 we presented a 3D printed mock-up for Facebook viewer assessment. We received a lot of positive FB feedback.

Made in Australia.

Features of Carbine may change and some accessories not included to comply with regulations

Pricing & Production

These Carbines shall be CNC machined from billet aluminum alloy material.  The CNC manufacturing process is substantially more expensive than our originally planned process and we forecast a retail price of $3450.

Release Date

We expect to have our first carbines available early 2022.  

The appearance of our carbines shall differ from what's published.  This is to comply with subjective Australian firearm regulations.  The appearance of a firearm such as colour, silhouette or features are assessed to classify it for commercial sales.  It's difficult to design the appearance of a firearm when authorities refuse to provide the necessary parameters used to assess requirements for commercial sales.

As soon as our carbines are ready for sale, we shall activate online sales for delivery to your nominated licensed firearm dealer.

Ideal Small Arms - Yarra Sheila Straight Pull Carbine