Ideal Small Arms - Firearms

In August 2012, Ideal Small Arms commenced manufacturing components in their workshop in Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia.

Ideal Small Arms developed into a specialist components production engineering business, able to efficiently deliver production runs of 100 units or more. Ideal Small Arms have CNC machining capability to manufacture complicated component design.

Ideal Small Arms constantly review and upgrade their designs and tooling to take advantage of the latest manufacturing developments. They experiment with durability of different materials, look at weight reduction of components and operating conditions. The list of factors which affect component development continues to grow. Research and development is the key to improvement.

Ideal Small Arms do alot of testing during production and assembly to ensure all components function perfectly.

WFM4 - Carbines

We've combined Warwick Firearms WFM4 upper and lower receivers with Ideal Small Arms components.  Ideal Small Arms components are proven to be interchangeable across Colt, Daniel Defence, Sturm Ruger and now also includes Warwick Firearms WFM4.

WFM4 - Assembled Upper Receivers

We've combined Warwick Firearms WFM4 upper receivers with Ideal Small Arms components.  Made in Australia.