Firearm Storage & Transfers

Gun Safekeeping & Storage

Acme Firearms provides secure firearm and ammunition storage at a low price.

Short Term Storage up to 30 days for $33.00 per firearm.

Bulk Storage rates available on request.

Terms of Storage - Storage fees commence immediately upon receipt of items.  Items must be clean and free of contaminants.  Firearms should be stored in their original manufacturer's packaging box for optimum storage protection.   Items may be wrapped and sealed in plastic by Acme Firearms to contain spread of mould or other contaminants.  Contaminated or unstable items and affected packaging may be disposed of by Acme Firearms without notice.

Transfer Firearms Interstate from and into Victoria

Acme Firearms can send a firearm from Victoria to any firearm dealer in Australia.  Our fee is $58.60 per firearm plus cost of freight.  Cost of freight is determined by carton size and weight.

Acme Firearms can receive a firearm from any Australian firearm dealer. Our fee to receive is $58.60 per firearm and includes 14 days secure storage.

How to transfer a firearm from Victoria

We can ship to any licensed firearm dealer you nominate.

  1. Please wrap firearm and place in a packing carton no longer than 105cms in length.  You may need to disassemble firearm to reduce its overall length, 
  2. Leave carton open so we can check firearm serial#.
  3. Do not include any ammunition with firearm.
  4. We'll weigh package and calculate freight payable.

We shall need the following information prior to sending your firearm.

  1. Your registration certificate for the firearm.
  2. Delivery address of licensed firearm dealer receiving the firearm and also their email address.
  3. Name and telephone number of buyer/receiver.

Transfer firearms within Victoria face to face at Acme Firearms

We witness firearm transfers between license holders, for face to face transactions at our premises, for $29.30 per firearm. Before attending our premises, please ensure purchaser brings their Permit to Acquire paid and seller brings the firearm and firearm registration certificate.

Electronic Application for Permit to Acquire (PTA) :- We can apply for an electronic PTA on the purchaser's behalf, for a face to face transaction at Acme Firearms' premises located in Langwarrin Victoria.  PTAs are usually issued electronically within 3 - 10 business days.  We charge an administrative fee of $11.00 to lodge an application.  Additionally, the purchaser pays VICpol a fee to use their permit.

Please click on link below If you would like us to lodge a PTA on your behalf, for firearms to be transacted at Acme Firearms' premises in Langwarrin Victoria.

We do not ship cartridge ammunition, gunpowder or primers

Enquire about Transfering Firearms & Secure Storage

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