VFG Barrel Cleaning

VFG is a proven barrel cleaning system which has achieved success for athletes and sporting shooters alike.   VFG felt barrel cleaners thoroughly clean the rifling of guns in a few passes.  You can oil the bore of barrels within seconds by applying just a few drops of oil to a felt.

VFG Superintensive felt barrel cleaners combine the advantages of VFG felt barrel cleaners with those of a bronze brush.  They are abrasive, elastic and absorbent.   Thanks to their optimised calibre size, density and elasticity  VFG felts penetrate deeply into rifling grooves.  VFG felt porous fibre take up oil and dirt particles unlike brushes.

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VFG Air Rifle Felts

VFG Barrel Felts

VFG Superintensive Barrel Felts

VFG Cleaning Rods & Adaptors

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