SportsMatch - 1" - Dovetail - High Height - Adjustable for windage, elevation & height.

Adjustable for windage, elevation & height

SportsMatch UK Scope Ring Mounts - 1" diameter tube for 9.5-11.5mm dovetails. 2 piece - Adjustable High Height - double screw - 26.5 to 29mm Height - 21mm Thickness - Weight 116g.

Adjustable for windage, elevation and height. Lateral position also adjustable for perfect dovetail centering. Locking screws include a anti vibration coating which locate into a hardened steel spigot ensure no loss of zero. Suits up to 60mm lens diameter on most rifles. Does not include arrestor pin. Up to 75 MOA Vertical Adjustment.

262.00 AUD
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