Ideal Small Arms - 22WMR/17HMR - 15 cartridges - Magazine

Sold out Available April 2024

Ideal Small Arms - Polymer Rimfire Magazine - 22WMR, 22Magnum & 17HMR - 15 cartridges capacity. 

Due for release January 2024

We are currently manufacturing the tooling and moving forward with developing this new product here in Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia. We've been working on this product since October 2022. 

Made in Australia

Suitable for these firearm models in calibre 22WMR, 22Magnum & 17HMR 

  • CZ455, CZ457, CZ512 & CZ515
  • Lithgow LA101 Crossover
  • Steyr Zephyr II  

We cannot export any firearm magazines from Australia.

As many Facebookers know, We've been developing CZ/Brno 22WMR / 17HMR compatible magazines for over a year. And they work great in CZ/Brno firearms.

Unfortunately, there is a compatibility issue with Lithgow Crossover firearms. (There is nothing wrong with Lithgow firearms. They are a quality built Australian firearm.)

The easiest approach is to just change the advertising and omit Lithgow Crossover from the list of compatible firearms.

We've decided to take the more difficult route of redesigning and retooling the moulds to resolve the issue. There are no guarantees with plastic injection moulding. Weird stuff happens!

We're looking at April 2024 before they'll be ready for market.
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132.00 AUD