.22lr - Eley Match - 40 gr Solid Lead - 1056fps

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.22lr - Eley Match - 40 gr Solid Lead - 50 Cartridges in a Box

Batch # 1023 05193 1056

Speed 1056 feet per second.

ELEY Match is an excellent competition cartridge and is a top choice among the largest body of competitive shooters. ELEY Match represents amazing value for money and with attributes of Tenex provides excellent accuracy.

ELEY Match is also a good competition training round for the serious shooter who will use Tenex in a competition; ELEY Match is a natural progression as the cartridge features the same physical attributes of Tenex.

  • Bullet weight: 40 grains
  • Velocity: up to 1085 fps
  • Lubricant: Beeswax / Tallow
  • Profile: Flat Nose

  • Box - 50 / Brick - 500 / Case - 5000 Cartridges

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