Warwick Firearms - WFM4 Auto - 5.56

Sold out Made In Australia

Warwick Firearms - WFM4 Automatic - 5.56NATO

Brand new.  Automatic select fire firearm, detachable 30 cartridge capacity magazine.

Foreend - Genuine M16 Plastic - Black

Stock - A2 - Black

Grip - Black

Barrel - 5.56NATO, 16.0" Heavy - Phosphate Coating.

Flash Hider - A2

Sights - None

Licence - Category E

Firearms purchased using our Eshop are 'face to face' transferred at our premises or shipped to your nominated Australian licensed firearm dealer. Firearms transferred in Australia require purchaser to possess a valid Firearm Licence & Permit. We cannot export any firearms from Australia.

5,990.00 AUD
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