Warwick Firearms - WFM4 Auto - 5.56

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Warwick Firearms - WFM4 Automatic - 5.56NATO

Brand new.  Automatic select fire firearm, detachable 30 cartridge capacity magazine.

We've combined Warwick Firearms WFM4 upper and lower receivers with our Australian made Ideal Small Arms firearm components. Ideal Small Arms components are proven to be interchangeable across Colt, Daniel Defence, Sturm Ruger and now also includes Warwick Firearms WFM4. 

Foreend - Genuine M16 Plastic - Black

Stock - A2 - Black

Grip - Black

Barrel - 5.56NATO, 16.0" Heavy - Phosphate Coating.

Flash Hider - A2

Sights - None

Licence - Category E

Firearms purchased using our Eshop are 'face to face' transferred at our premises or shipped to your nominated Australian licensed firearm dealer. Firearms transferred in Australia require purchaser to possess a valid Firearm Licence & Permit. We cannot export any firearms from Australia.

5,990.00 AUD