Savage Arms 93G - Wood Stock - .22wmr - Bolt Action


Savage Arms 93G - Wood Stock - .22wmr- 21" Blued Barrel, Drilled and tapped for scope mounts, open sights, 5 round detachable magazine

Stock#31465 - Category A

This Is It!!!!!

The 'One' everyone has been waiting for!  A Game Changer!  Employing latest technologies. #3D  'Rapid Fire'' Two Ammunitions in 1 Second' #2A  'Powerful'  'Military Style'  'Military Grade Ammunitions'  All the features 'shooters on the streets' want.  Voted by the Australian Weapons Owners Association of Australia as 'most technically advanced product' for 2021.  We even started a rumor this is the new replacement military weapon for many NATO countries.

There you go!  Not a single sustainable claim and yet the fastest selling weapon in history!  Hurry get yours today!  In store now!

#parody #powerful #rapid #fire #Dangerous #Lethal #technology 

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